Programme and Course structure

Registration for the Master in Statistics is not possible for the academic year 2024-2025
Information : immatriculation@unine.ch

Course structure

The Master's degree program is divided into two semesters, each lasting 14 weeks. It is comprised of regular courses, seminars and applied research projects. Courses will be taught in a concentrated part of the week. The program is organized as follows: each course corresponds to a given number of credits. Students earn these credits by passing the final exam/project for that course. The Master's degree is earned when students have obtained 60 course or seminar credits and have written a thesis that passes review by a thesis committee (the thesis is worth 30 credits).

The complete program extends over 3 semesters and corresponds to 90 ECTS credits. The final semester is devoted to the master's thesis which can be combined with an internship. At the end of the second semester, the students must have validated at least 30 ECTS credits of courses.

Professors and courses

Yves Tillé : Advanced regression Methods/ Multivariate analysis / Survey sampling 1 & 2 / Design of experiment

Paul Jolissaint : Probability theory

Jean-Yves Dauxois : Inferential statistics and test theory

Alina Matei : Seminar of statistical software / Generalised linear model / Computational statistics

Clément Chevalier : Time series analysis

Pierre-Yves Deléamont : Nonparametrics statistics / Bayesian statistics 

Caren Hasler : Statistical learning

Curriculum, rules and courses descriptive