Bachelor in Biology

1st year:

  • Basics of biology lab: Introductory practicals to the plant physiology.
  • From the molecules to the cell

2nd year:

  • Plant physiology : Lessons and Practicals to understand the basics of plant physiology and the underlying molecular mechanisms  (photosynthesis, hormones, N-S-P-K metabolisms, photomorphogenesis, ...)  

3rd year:

  • Molecular biology Lab: Practicals to learn protein purification processes.
  • APP (Apprentissage Par Projet) : 4-week internship in the lab to carry out a mini research project, including searching in the literature, designing and running the experiments, and presenting of the data (oral presentation and report).

Master Biologie

  • Seminars in Biotechnology and Ecology
  • Molecular Methods
  • Biosynthesis, Function and Molecular genetics of secondary metabolism