Association cantonale des banques neuchâteloises (ACBN)

Founded in 1922, the ACBN currently includes the following nine banks:

  • BCN
  • Bonhôte
  • Credit Suisse
  • UBS
  • Banque Cler
  • Banque Migros
  • Raiffeisen
  • Valiant

Worth CHF 1'000.--, this prize is awarded to the student with the highest average during his Master in Finance studies. To be eligible, the student must be registered in the Master in Finance programme.

This award replaces the "Prix des Banques Neuchâteloises".

17 November 2023

Laureates: Axel Fleury and Roman Niklas

UNINE_diplomes-2023_FSE-9630_AF.jpg (Remise des titres UniNE 2023)

From left to right: Axel Fleury and Patrick Cossettini  (Credit Suisse)

UNINE_diplomes-2023_FSE-9634_RN.jpg (Remise des titres UniNE 2023)

From left to right: Roman Niklas and Patrick Cossettini  (Credit Suisse)

Photos: Guillaume Perret