CAS in Migration Law


This CAS is aimed at individuals active in the field of migration, with or without legal training.

The study programme aims to provide participants with solid practical and scientific knowledge in the field of Migration Law. In addition to acquiring legal skills, participants will acquire the necessary tools to perform a critical analysis of current migration policy, with particular attention paid to the analytical tools belonging to the social sciences.

The material is divided into seven complementary modules (whose content is continuously adapted according to current developments) in the form of presentations, exercises and case studies. Making reference to numerous examples and real cases, the teaching is very much focused on practice. If necessary, a module on the general principles of migration law will be organised for those lacking legal training.

The tutors are national and international experts from the three partner universities, as well as the legal field, administration, the Bar and various national and international organisations. Group work allows participants to articulate and develop their ideas further.

Students are expected to participate actively, and to share their experience. In addition, they must give at least one presentation on a topical issue, and submit a written work at the end of the course. More informations


  • Début de la formation 

  Décembre 2024 (en allemand)
  Décembre 2025 (en français)


  • Candidature

Le délai de candidature est fixé au 30 septembre 2024 pour la formation en allemand et au 30 septembre 2025 pour la formation en français. Inscription


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Université de Fribourg
Institut de droit européen/Centre de droit des migrations
CAS Droit des migrations
Avenue Beauregard 11
CH-1700 Fribourg
Tel.: +41 26 300 80 90
E-mail: cas_migration@unifr.ch