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The SNSF-funded project A world of possibilities. Modal pathways over an extra-long period of time: the diachrony of modality in the Latin language (WoPoss) aims at reconstructing the evolution of modal meanings from the prehistory of the Latin language up to the 7th century CE. The WoPoss team is working on the linguistic annotation of a selection of modal markers in a diachronic corpus of Latin literary and documentary texts. As annotation progresses, data will be made available during the project lifespan (February 2019–January 2023).

Diachronic semantics – Modality – Latin – Digital Humanities – Computational methods and tools – Corpus-based approach

This project has received funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF n° 176778) and it is hosted at the Institut des sciences du langage (University of Neuchâtel)



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