Joachim Marti

Professeur invité

Joachim Marti is Associate Professor of Health Economics at the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health (Unisanté) at the University of Lausanne. After completing a PhD in economics at the University of Neuchâtel, he pursued his research at Yale University as a postdoctoral fellow and then joined the University of Leeds and Imperial College London as a Lecturer. Since 2017 he leads the Health Economics Unit at Unisanté and develops research and teaching activities in empirical policy evaluation, health financing, behavioral health economics and economic evaluation. His current research interests include health equity, low-value care and new care and financing models. He is actively involved in teaching activities at the undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA and doctoral levels in Lausanne, as well as at the national level as co-chair of the SSPH+ Inter-University Graduate Campus and academic director of the doctoral program of the Swiss Society of Health Economics.


  • Health Economics and Policy


Email: joachim.marti@unine.ch

Tél: +41 32 718 14 00