Fabio Canetg



Fabio Canetg is a monetary economist at the Study Center Gerzensee. After completing his apprenticeship at the AXA insurance company, he worked for several years as an editor for the Année Politique Suisse at the Institute for Political Science at the University of Bern. After obtaining a master’s degree (summa cum laude), he joined the Department of Economics at the University of Bern where he earned his PhD in ​​monetary economics in 2020. Besides his research, Fabio acted as a neutral advisor in various journalistic productions, including the SRF Arena on sovereign money. Today, he teaches at the Wirtschafts- und Kaderschule KV Bern and the Study Center Gerzensee. As a journalist, Fabio writes about the Swiss National Bank. He is the host of the monetary policy podcast Geldcast.


Monetary Policy in a New Era