PhD theses

PhD theses  



1. Marion Graf "Coordination behaviour of polydentate aromatic N-donor ligands: ability to form coordination polymers" 1994

2. Antonia Neels "Du monomère au polymère. Chimie de coordination de la 2,5-bis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine. Synthèses, structures et propriétés physiques" 1995

3. Yi Wang "The use of molecular self-assemblies to form coordination polymers with Copper(II): synthesis, structures, and magnetic properties" 1996

4. Maciej Posel "Coordination behaviour of some pyrazine based nitrogen donor ligands with first row transition metals: synthesis, crystal structure analysis and some unexpected results" 1998

5. Montserrat Alfonso "Supramolecular coordination chemistry of the ligand 5,6-bis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine-2,3-dicarboxylic acid: From the monomer to the polymer" 1999

6. Tokouré Assoumatine "Nouveaux Ligands de Pyrazine aux Sites NxSy pour la Formation de Polymères de Coordination" 1999

7. Piotr Goetzen "HyperHelper - An Application for Improving the Parameters in the MM+ Force Field. New Parameters for Some Transition Metal Complexes of Pyridine and Pyrazines" 2001

8. Ana Tesouro Vallina "Supramolecular Chemistry of Some New Schiff Base Ligands:From Single and Triple-Strand Helices to Polymers" 2001

9.  Sakir Cati "Superexchange in the Supramulecular Complexes formed usingPyrazine Carboxamide derivatives as Ligands" 2002

10. Jessica Pacifico "New Tetrasubstitued Pyrazine Ligands Containing NxS4 and N2S4O8 Donor Atoms: Selectivity Towards Metal Ions in the Solid State" 2003

11. Gilles Gasser "Signalling and Controlling Guest Complexation using New Ligands Derivatives of Ferrocene as Redox-active Supramolecular Receptors" 2004

12. Déborah Gonzalez Mántero "Crystal Engineering for Metal-Organic Frameworks" 2005   (pdf 10.5MB)

13. Ohla Sereda "Bimetallic Metal-Organic Chains, Networks and Frameworks (MOC's, MON's & MOF's) Based on Cyanides: Structure and Physical Properties" 2008   (pdf 7MB)

14. Muhammad Altaf "Silver(I) and Other Coin Metal Complexes of N, O, S and P Containing Ligands: Structures and Biological Properties" 2008

15. Laurette Schmitt "Complexes de Dérivés de la Pyridine, de la Pyrazine et de la Bipyridine : Synthèses, Structures et Propriétés Physiques" 2008