How to access the database:

1. Go to www.myendnoteweb.com

2. Login with email address climig@unine.ch and password climig#2015

3. Browse and search the CLIMIG group (in Groups shared by others) PDF with guidelines and explanations about the database.

In case you find the database helpful for the redaction of a paper, a book or a research project, we would be grateful if you could acknowledge the Climig Database and point to the following address https://www.unine.ch/geographie/Migration_and_Climate_Change.

If you notice an article, report, book etc. missing or inaccurate, please feel free to send us informations here: climig@unine.ch

Searches on Climig

The plus sign (+) in front of a word will return references containing that word. The minus sign (-) in front of a word, used in combination with another search term, will return references that do not contain that word. Parentheses () can be used to group search terms together. An asterisk (*) is used to search for a partial term in references. Double quotes (" ") will return references that contain the exact phrase quoted.

More examples:


+type5 +SLR

+Mexico -type6

+Asia +gender +flood

+"Latin America" +type1 +type2

+USA +type3 +hurricane +trapped

+Bangladesh +type6 +flood +perception