Contribution of firms to Lifelong Learning

The objective of the Neuchâtel session will be to examine the contribution of the business sector to Life Long Learning. The work will be based on initial and continuing education or training as designed in the prospect of "Life Long Learning" (LLL) and will put the business sector and the firm at the centre-stage. The aim will be to identify, analyse and question the diversity of practices and to open the debate as to how the personal pathway fits into business strategies with specific audiences (representatives from the public authorities and politicians, trainers and researchers, actors on the ground, businesses, professional associations and social partners).

The Summer University 2011 will therefore be part of the European 2020 Strategy, the challenges and broad outlines of which will find a place at the heart of the general programme and in particular in the symposiums :
What is the role of the European instruments expected by businesses? And, in particular, how does it use the validation systems for qualifications acquired in a non-formal manner? Which impact for the national and European qualifications frameworks? What place for mobility in business training plans?

Three ‘carrefours’ driven simultaneously

  L’apprendre tout au long de la vie
« entre projet personnel et stratégie d’entreprise »

“The contribution of firms to Life Long Learning” will be explained in each of the carrefours around these following questions:

  • How does the firm organize, manage the pathways of people, “the Career Long Learning”, the assessment of changing competences?
  • How do firms participate in the initial training, in the social recognition and in the qualifications which are useful to the mobility of people?
  • How to evolve from the multiple partnerships between institutions to real “educative alliances” on the territories that take into consideration the needs of the firm and the legitimate aspirations of everyone?
  • How to take into account the contribution of generations and gender in the firm?

These questions will be transversal to each carrefour. We will particularly analyse the different intersections between the individual dimension of the lifelong learning, and the challenges faced by firms for their development in a globalized economy. The exchanges and debates will be supported by the analysis of practices, experiences, which will previously be available on the website of the summer university and which will open and feed the reflection, suggest interesting work tracks, open the main difficulties for the development of lifelong learning in the firms and, why not, imagine new educative alliances!