Our lab is broadly interested in analysing the genetic signatures of evolutionary processes. Our research spans a number of plant and microbial (fungal pathogen) systems. See the Research page to learn more about ongoing projects.


More news from the lab can be found on our blog.


8 Sep 2017: Our lab is organizing the Host-Microbes Genomics meeting in Neuchâtel


2 August 2017: Leen Abraham started as a new PhD student in our group.


3 July 2017: Thomas Badet from the INRA Toulouse joins us for a 3-month PhD mobility project.


2 April 2017: PhD student position available. See here (PDF).


2 March 2017: Nikhil Kumar Singh started as a new PhD student in our lab. He joins us from Jan Roelof van der Meer's lab at Uni Lausanne. Welcome Nikhil!


3 February 2017: Fanny and Daniel on Canalalpha talking about our recent work.


1 February 2017: Articles in ArcInfoRTN and Bauernzeitung.


31 January 2017: Press release about our work on a pathogen of wheat.


3 January 2017: Ursula Oggenfuss started as a new PhD student in our lab. She joins us from the WSL / ETH Zurich. Welcome!