Laboratoire de biologie de la conservation

Welcome to the new Conservation Biology Lab ! 

A key societal challenge is to halt biodiversity loss in a changing world. We aim at providing knowledge to guide biodiversity conservation in the face of climate and land-use changes. 

Our main topics of interest are:  

  • Links between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: We study how various facets of biodiversity affect ecosystem functions and the services that they provide to societies. 
  • (Agro-)forests as complex systems: We study interactions within forest and agroforestry ecosystems to better understand their resilience to global changes. 
  • Biodiversity in human-modified lands: We try to reconcile biodiversity conservation and land uses such as agriculture and forestry.   

Our methodological approach relies on four major pillars:

  1. Ground-based studies (e.g. tree diversity experiments, agroforestry sites)
  2. Remote sensing (e.g. terrestrial laser scanner, drones, satellites) 
  3. Statistical models and complex network approaches 
  4. Interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration 

We work in temperate and tropical regions, at local to global scales.