Health Law

The Institute of Health Law dedicates its research to the study of the ever more complex interactions between law, medicine and biotechnologies. The Institute is especially interested in the management of clinical risks and medical and hospital responsibilities. Mistakes committed by healthcare professionals, especially in a hospital environment, are henceforth being recognized as an important issue of public health. The Institute’s research examines the legal framework that needs to be implemented in order to prevent or minimize medical errors, and puts the adequacy of the Swiss medical responsibility regime to the test. Research is also done on the way injured parties can be compensated based on considerations of equity and efficiency.

The Institute of Health Law is considering the creation of a Bologna Master program in “Comparative Health Law”, the only degree of this kind in Europe. The degree would be issued by the three partners of the program – l’Université Paris V Descarte, King’s College London and the University of Neuchâtel.

Further information:

Steering Comitee

Prof. Olivier Guillod

Prof. Dominique Sprumont