Dimitri Orine

PhD student

Research interests

I am commonly interested in interactions that take place between plants, insects and microorganisms in ecosystems. Those complementarities play a significant role in agricultural ecosystems also called agrosystems. Breakthroughs in chemical signaling between soil microbial community, plants and insects make it feasible to foresee new perspectives in terms of bio-control.

It is now consensually accepted that the soil microbial community interacts strongly with plants. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand how microorganisms allow plants to resist pests and how this effect varies with environmental and genetic conditions. To progress in these areas, we should investigate symbionts genotypic compatibilities and changes in the metabolome in case of stress.

Main topics

  • Microbial soil communities
  • Plant-mycorrhizal fungi symbiosis
  • Chemical ecology
  • Metabolomics
  • Induced defenses in plants
  • Physicochemical defenses of plants
  • Eco-climatic adaptation
  • Tritrophic interactions


Dimitri Orine



+ 41 32 718 23 16