Noemi Carrel

PhD student


Research fields

citizenship, social inclusion, civil society, political participation, access to mandates in local politics, parties and associations

Phd project

The filling of mandates in Swiss local politics: About the search for "suitable candidates" and the access of "people with migration background" to mandates in the local political and civil field of a Swiss municipality:

How do people access mandates in the local political field of Swiss municipalities and what specifics can be observed in the case of „people with migration background“? Within a Swiss municipality, recruiting and selection procedures are examined based on qualitative interviews with members of the local parliament, the municipality’s executive, political committees and board members of local parties and further local associations. It is described in detail, which steps precede the take-over of a mandate, which aspects facilitate or hinder the access to mandates and who is perceived as a potential and appropriate candidate. The findings are further discussed regarding the access of „people with migration background“.


MA in Migration and Citizenship, University of Neuchâtel

BA in Social and Communication Sciences, University of Lucerne


Current positions
PhD Student at the SFM, UNINE

Birth of 2. child

Birth of 1. child

Teaching Assistant of Prof. G. D'Amato, UNINE

Scientific collaboration at the Swiss Forum For Migration and Population Studies (SFM)

Internship: scientific collaboration at the Federal Commission on Migration FCM

Scientific collaboration at the Swiss Forum For Migration and Population Studies (SFM)

Internship: scientific collaboration at the Swiss Forum For Migration and Population Studies (SFM)


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Carrel, N. (2016): Les droits et la participation politiques de la population sans passeport suisse, in: D'Amato, G. (ed.), Identités neuchâteloises, cahier de l’Institut neuchâtelois nouvelle série: 193-211.

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