Joop Vermeer

Chair of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Research interest

The long-term goal of our research is to elucidate the molecular mechanism as how plants integrate chemical and mechanical signals to drive development, with a strong focus on osmoregulation and mechanosensing. In addition, we are also interested in how these mechanisms are evolved and to what extend they are conserved between different plant species. We are also interested in how different membrane compartments require their identity.


Work experience:

- Since 08.2019              Professor in Molecular and Cellular Biology

                                       University of Neuchâtel

- 10.2015 - 07.2019        SNSF Professor, University of Zürich

- 10.2015 - now              Visiting scientist, Wageningen University

- 03.2015 - 09.2015        Assistant Professor, Wageningen University

- 02.2012 - 0.2.2015       Post-doc, Geldner lab, University of Lausanne

- 02.2010 - 0.2.2012       Marie-Curie Fellow, Geldner lab, University of Lausanne

- 06.2006 - 12.2009        Post-doc, Munnik lab, University of Amsterdam

- 10.2000 - 12.2005        PhD in Cell Biology, University of Amsterdam

                                       Supervisors Prof. Theodorus Gadella Jr. and Prof. Teun Munnik


Teaching activities

Des molecules aux cellules (BSc Biology, University of Neuchâtel, 6 ECTS)

Biologie moléculaire et génomique (BSc Biology, University of Neuchâtel, 3 ECTS)

Biologie moléculaire et cellulaire (BSc Biology, University of Neuchâtel, 3 ECTS)

Biosynthesis and function of secondary compounds (MSc Biology, University of Neuchâtel, 2 ECTS)

Seminar Ecology and Biochemistry (MSc Biology, University of Neuchâtel, 3 ECTS)

Plant Molecular Genetics (MSc Biology, University of Neuchâtel, 3 ECTS)

Apprentisage par problème (APP): Biologie cellulaire (BSc Biology, University of Neuchâtel, 9 ECTS)



All publications via Pubmed Google scholar profile

- Tang H, Duijts K, Bezanilla M, Scheres B, Vermeer JEM, Willemsen V. (2019) Geometric cues forecast the switch from 2D-to-3D growth in Physcomitrella patens.

New Phytologist Oct 22. doi: 10.1111/nph.16276

- Vilches Barro A, Stöckle D, Thellmann M, Ruiz-Duarte P, Bald L, Louveaux M, Goh T, Fukaki H, Vermeer JEM* and Maizel A*. (2019) Cytoskeleton dynamics control early events of lateral root initiation in Arabidopsis.

Current Biology 29(15):2443-2454 *Shared corresponding authors

- Tang H, de Keijzer J, Overdijk E, Sweep E, Steentjes M, Vermeer JEM, Janson M and Ketelaar T. (2019) Exocyst subunit Sec6 is positioned by microtubule overlaps in the moss phragmoplast prior to the arrival of cell plate membrane. Journal of Cell Science 132(3):1-13.

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- Andersen TG, Naseer S, Ursache R, Wybouw B, Smet W, De Rybel B, Vermeer JEM, Geldner N. (2018) Diffusible repression of cytokinin signalling produces endodermal symmetry and passage cells. Nature 555(7697):529-533

- Shekhar V#, Stӧckle D#, Thellmann M#, and Vermeer JEM. (2019) The role of plant root systems in evolutionary adaptation. Current Topics in Developmental Biology 131:55-80 #Equal contribution

- Stoeckle D#, Thellmann M#, Vermeer JE. (2018) Breakout-lateral root emergence in Arabidopsis thaliana. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 41:67-72. 

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- Gujas B, Cruz TMD, Kastanaki E, Vermeer JEM, Munnik T, Rodriguez-Villalon A. (2017) Perturbing phosphoinositide homeostasis oppositely affects vascular differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana roots. Development 144(19):3578-3589.

- Vermeer JEM, van Wijk R, Goedhart J, Geldner N, Chory J, Gadella TWJ Jr, Munnik T. (2017) In Vivo Imaging of Diacylglycerol at the Cytoplasmic Leaflet of Plant Membranes. Plant Cell Physiology 58(7):1196-1207.

- Alassimone J, Fujita S, Doblas VG, van Dop M, Barberon M, Kalmbach L, Vermeer JE, Rojas-Murcia N, Santuari L, Hardtke CS, Geldner N. (2016) Polarly localized kinase SGN1 is required for Casparian strip integrity and positioning. Nature Plants 2:16113. 

- Marhavý P, Montesinos JC, Abuzeineh A, Van Damme D, Vermeer JE, Duclercq J, Rakusová H, Nováková P, Friml J, Geldner N, Benková E. (2016) Targeted cell elimination reveals an auxin-guided biphasic mode of lateral root initiation. Genes and Development 30(4):471-83. 

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Cell 164(3):447-59.

Vermeer JEM*, Geldner N (2015) Lateral root initiation in Arabidopsis thaliana: a force awakens. F1000prime reports 7 *corresponding author

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- Vermeer JE*, von Wangenheim D, Barberon M, Lee Y, Stelzer EHK, Maizel A, Geldner N*. (2014) A spatial accommodation by neighboring cells is required for organ initiation in Arabidopsis. Science 343 178-183. *corresponding authors




Joop Vermeer

Full Professor


+41 32 718 22 17

Office A315

Twitter: @Vermeer_lab

ORCID: 0000-0001-8876-5873