Suzy Blondin

Doctoral research

Under the supervision of Professor Etienne Piguet

"Local mobilities in the Kuhistoni-Badakhshon Region of Tajikistan"

Following previous research work in the region, my doctoral research focuses on the way the population of the Kuhistoni-Badakhshon travels, on the reasons why people want or need to move and on their mobility potential.

Therefore, my main interests are:

Regional dependence and food security.
The impacts of climate variability on migrations and mobility
People’s mobility potential (through the concept of motility) and its evolution from the Soviet period to now.
Remoteness and the way it is experienced by the population.
Place attachment and how it influences mobility.

Keywords : mobility / forced immobility / motility / marginalization / remoteness / vulnerability / climate change / Central Asia / Tajikistan