Advanced programming in R

2 days, Autumn 2024


University of Lausanne, Room TBA


Dr. Frédéric Schütz, UNIL


The activity will cover the following topics among others:

-Objects and Data structures;

- Operations and Logical operations;

- Missing data;

- Data manipulation: Concatenation, Sorting, Data subsetting, Apply

- Conditional instructions, loops

- Functions; KnitR/markdown;

- Vectorization of R code (i.e. how to avoid loops for efficient computing time) and how toestimate computing time of R code;

- Complex functions; Debugging (use R in debug mode), enhancing and adapting own and foreign (from packages) code;

- Typical traps and tipps on good coding practice;

- R coding standards (i.e. how to write good, readable and reusable code) 

- Running R from bash scripts (e.g. on servers or clusters).


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Deadline: TBD