Ouvrage publié en 2013

Why aren't they there ? The political representation of women, ethnic groups and issue positions in legislatures

 The book includes an analysis of the representation of women over time, and presents a critical view of the effectiveness of quotas. Using new data on ethnic groups in legislatures, the book is a significant step forward in the analysis of political representation. The representation of issue positions is examined in eight policy domains. The systematic approach of the book allow for a ground-breaking examination of how different forms of representation – women, ethnic groups, issue positions – are interlinked.


Its examines aspects that are unattainable in studies focusing on only a single form of representation. This results in a comprehensive understanding of political representation, and leads to important and policy-relevant insights for electoral engineering.

About Didier Ruedin
Didier Ruedin (DPhil, Oxford) is a researcher at the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He works on various aspects on political representation, including the political representation of women and ethnic groups in national legislatures. His 2009 article on the political representation of ethnic groups in a cross-national perspective won the SNIS International Geneva Award 2010. In 2012, Didier Ruedin was a visiting fellow at the University of Vienna. Other areas of research include the politicization of immigration, and attitudes toward foreigners.

Infos :

 Why aren't they there? Didier Ruedin (Author), ecpr Press, mars 2013, ISBN: 9780955820397