Ouvrage publié en 2013

War of the Worlds to Social Media

Joy Elizabeth Hayes, Kathleen Battles, Wendy Hilton-Morrow

War of the Worlds to Social Media , edited by Joy Elizabeth Hayes, Kathleen Battles, and Wendy Hilton-Morrow, explores the significance of the October 30, 1938 broadcast event for 21st century media users and practitioners. With a contribution from UniNE (AJM) on the «Arab Spring».

Twelve chapters take War of the Worlds as a starting point for:

- Reinterpreting «radio panic» as social networking and «talking back» to media
- Recognizing the continuities between the «new media moment» of radio in the 1930s and our current era of social media and mobile networking
- Exploring how media hoaxes like War of the Worlds operate in a social media environment
- Uncovering how the War of the Worlds broadcast event helps explain patterns of social media use in times of crisis such as the «Arab Spring» (Sacco, V., Giardina, M. & Stanoevska, K. (2013). «Social media curation and journalistic reporting on the Arab Spring»).

This book is for people trying to understand our new media moment, teachers engaging students on media history and the transition from mass to social media, and media practitioners investigating the 75th anniversary of the broadcast and its meaning for today’s audiences and users.


Website: waroftheworldstosocialmedia.com

Book available from Peter Lang: PB | $38.95 | 978-1-4331-1800-5; HC | $155.95| 978-1-4331-1801-2, Edited by: Joy Elizabeth.