Company Cooperation Profiles for H2020 to download

  Alpes Lasers SA

Quantum Cascade Lasers
  CICOR Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates


Parylene Coating
  Ismeca Europe Semiconductor SA Handling and finishing equipment for MEMS & LEDs
  NanoWorld AG Atomic Force Microscopy Probes
  PASAN SA Measurement Systems in the Photovoltaic Industry
  PLANAIR SA Consulting Engineers for Sustainable Development
  SGX Sensortech SA Gas sensor Components
  SUSS MicroOptics SA High-Quality Microlens Arrays
  Tissot Medical Research SA Ophthalmic Devices
   FST (Fondation Suisse pour les Téléthèses) Advanced assistive devices and technologies for disabled persons

   Meyer Burger Research

Novel technologies and manufacturing processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency of PV modules