Collaborating with Industry

The University engages in partnerships with industry to jointly advance research or to assist industry with the expertise of the University's employees. Ownership and access rights to the Intellectual Property (IP) developed in such partnership will be considered in light of the project funding, the conception and intellectual advancement of the project and the contribution of the partners. In general, most partnerships fall either into the  “Research Collaborations”, “Service Agreements” or into the  category "Research Grants".

Should confidential information need to be discussed in advance of a research partnership, please make sure to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Research Collaborations

The intellectual contribution to the project design is made by either the University alone or by all project partners. The project is funded fully or at least in part by the industry partner.

Rights to IP developed by University researchers will be negotiated with the industrial partner in good faith on a case by case basis and will take into account the contribution each party made to the research project.

Service Agreements

If an external partner wishes to avail itself of the University’s expertise and capacity and pays the University to conduct certain analyses, tests or other services, then the partner will retain ownership of the results of such services. The University will in all cases retain ownership of its IP, know-how, methods and materials employed or improved to conduct the services.

Research Grants

The University is open to conclude institutional research partnerships with third parties and in particular with industry partners. Partners can financially contribute to research activities in specific domains through e.g. funding of PhD theses or professorships, etc. In consideration of its financial contribution, the partner receives early access to research results and a time limited "first right of refusal" related to the corresponding intellectual property rights. Such Research Grants shall respect the principle of academic freedom and freedom of research of the University as well as the University's right to publish research results, even if it would be possible to defer publication for a certain amount of time in order to submit a patent application.