Benefits of Technology Transfer

The reasons for engaging in knowledge and technology transfer are manifold and can differ from person to person.

The University as academic institution recognizes primarily the following benefits which are in line with its overall strategy :
  • recognition for discoveries made by you at the University, reputation of your research group and by extension the institution,
  • attraction and retention of scientific talent,
  • attraction of corporate research support, both financially and intellectually,
  • additional income from licensing activities for the University, the inventors and the research team,
  • contribution to the local economic development, e.g. through maintaining/creating value added jobs which could also benefit University graduates,
  • benefits to the wider society through innovation (technologies, services, methods, devices, compounds, etc.) and an increased awareness and knowledge of socio-economic issues.
For the individual researcher or potential entrepreneur different, more personal reasons to engage in the exploitation of research results may be pivotal, for example:
  • the personal economic gain,
  • witnessing that research results are actually being used,
  • an enhancement of your CV,
  • increasing your professional opportunities outside the University,
  • or launching your own business.