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Some rooms have been set aside in the following hotels for congress participants until the 15.06.2019. Please note that after this date we cannot guarantee price and/or availability. The prices listed below include congress discounts. In order to benefit from these rates, you will need to provide a code available on the participant information sheet when booking your room. Each hotel uses a different code. ​

          30 Double Rooms with bathroom

CHF 133.00 the room (individual use)

CHF 177.00 the room (2 people)

5 Small Single Rooms with WC/shower

CHF 104.00 the room


The prices include breakfast buffet, Wi-Fi, “Transport Card” and taxes.


  • Hôtel Alpes et Lacs, Place de la Gare 2, 2002 Neuchâtel, Phone: +41 (0)32 723 19 19, Website:

           8 Rooms (station side) :

           CHF 134.- (individual use)

           CHF 172.- (2 people)

           15 Rooms (lake side) :

           CHF 162.- (individual use)

           CHF 198.- (2 people)

           2 Single Rooms (lake side) :

           CHF 163.- (individual use only)


        The prices include breakfast and taxes.


  • Hôtel Touring au Lac, Place Numa-Droz 1, 2001 Neuchâtel, Phone : +41 32 725 55 01, Website : 

           5 Single Rooms (city side)

           CHF 128.00 the room

           5 Single Rooms, (Harbour side)

           CHF 143.00 the room

           5 Double Rooms (city side) / With king size bed or 2 beds.  

           CHF 158.00 the room, (2 people)

           CHF 143.00 the room, (individual use)

           10 Double Rooms, (Harbour side) / With king size bed or 2 beds.  

           CHF 178.00 the room, (2 people)

           CHF 163.00 the room, (individual use)


        The prices include breakfast buffet and taxes.


  • Hôtel L’Ecluse, Rue de l'Ecluse 24, 2000 Neuchâtel, Phone: +41 (0)32 729 93 10, Website:

          10 Double Rooms

           CHF. 152.— (individual use)


         The price includes breakfast buffet, Wi-Fi and taxes.

         Parkings are available if you come by car. Please ask the hotel for more details.


              3 Rooms with bathroom

              CHF 111.- (individual use)

              CHF 153,. (2 people)

              6 Rooms with bathroom sink (WC and shower available on the same floor)

              CHF 73.- (individual use)

              CHF 102.- (2 people)


The price includes breakfast.


           3 Double Rooms Standard

           CHF 278.00 the room, (2 people)

           CHF 139.00 the room, (individual use)

          4 Double Rooms Superior

          CHF 298.00 the room, (2 people)

          CHF 149.00 the room, (individual use)

          2 Single Rooms

          CHF. 129.— (individual use)


       The reception desk is open from 17:30 to 20:00. If you plan to arrive before or after              open hours please contact the hotel by e-mail or phone 24 hours in advance to                  advise them consequently and obtain the main door access code.

       The price doesn’t include breakfast.​


Other towns within 20 minutes from Neuchâtel by train or car also offer a range of options for accommodation: Bienne/Biel, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Twann, Auvergnier, Kerzers. Please check train schedules at if you intend to stay in these towns. A funicular running every 5 minutes connects the train station to the university campus.  




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