Fall semester 2020

Welcome word by the dean of the Faculty, Prof. Annik Dubied

Reminder concerning the sanitary rules as of 9 September 2020

Wearing a mask is mandatory wherever a distance of 1.5 meter between individuals cannot be assured at all times.

Stage 1 - Reduce attendance on campus

Cohorts (weeks 1 to 4 at least)

The FSE courses will be given by cohorts (A and B), according to the last digit of the student number on the Capucine card. Weeks are counted as of the beginning of the semester, i.e. 1 = the first week of the semester, 2 = the second, etc.

Link to the calendar of the weeks (Distance learning).

  • The odd cohort attends in person during odd weeks.
  • The even cohort attends in person during the even weeks.
  • The cohort which is not in class at UniNE follows the classes on the same schedule, through the Webex platform.

A few exceptions have been planned (mainly MScGeM, MAJ, MA3CIG) so please refer to the indications of your programme director.​

For students who are unable to attend class in person or live (illness in particular) all classes will be recorded and made available on Moodle afterwards.

Stage 2 - Respect distance wherever possible and provide easy-to-follow rules

Seat occupancy

  • People who enter a room must occupy green seats first. These guarantee a 1.5-meter distance from others. The wearing of masks is not obligatory if everyone is seated and only green seats are taken.
  • If all green seats are taken, yellow seats may be used. Once a yellow seat has been taken within a given room, the 1.5-meter distance is no longer assured, and the wearing of masks is obligatory for all.


Stage 3 - Contact tracing

QR code

  • When you enter the room, scan the QR code. 
  • People who are not able to scan this code register on line.

Administrative information and IT tools

All the tools below can be accessed with one click from the footer of all the pages of the UniNE website. There's nothing easier!

Registration to courses (and exams)

Be careful not to mistake:

  • Registration on Moodle: pedagocal registration to access the course material (sign up as soon as you want to take a course). 
  • Registration on IS-Academia:administrative registration to sit the exam and obtain the ECTS of the course, to be done by 9 October. 

If you have signed up on Moodle and finally renounce to take the course in question, don't worry as the two systems are not interdependent.

Timetable and rooms

Rooms may change from week to week, to find out when and where your class is taking place, please consult the class schedules.

UniNE messaging service

>Always consult your Webmail @unine.

Fall semester 2020 - Quick links

Important links

Academic tools

rj45-1.jpg (Network connection plug RJ-45)

See all the academic tools (IS-Academia, course descriptions, Moodle, Pidho, Pidex, Webmail)

Beginning of the year 2020 - Bachelor


14 September

Meeting 1st-year students / Faculty members and presentation of the programme by Prof. A. Holzer

See the vidéo