January-February 2022 exam session


The session will take place remotely.

  • 15 - 28 November: registration period (2nd and 3rd attempts)
  • 20 December: publication of exams schedule
  • 17 - 27 January: exam period
  • 11 February: publication of results

See all the schedules on Pidex or with the app UniNE Pidhox (Apple - Android)

Information for Students / for Teachers

Educational resources

  • Important points
  • Practical aspects/advice
  • Types of remote exams
  • Quiz - closed questions
  • Quiz - open questions
  • Exam "Devoir"
  • Oral exams

Technical resources and tutorials (in French)

  • Examen écrit (Moodle "Devoir", Moodle "Test", documentation)
  • Examen oral (Webex, documentation)
  • Tests à blanc (Moodle "Devoir", Moodle "Test", Webex, documentation)

Link to the UniNE page "Evaluation en ligne"


Academic tools

rj45-1.jpg (Network connection plug RJ-45)

See all the academic tools (IS-Academia, course descriptions, Moodle, Pidho, Pidex, Webmail)


Content updated on 05.04.2022