Forum for Young Academics

The Forum for Young Academics is the place to ask all your questions as well as a place for discussion, exchanging ideas and experience, archiving useful resources, networking, job vacancy or grant announcements.

It is also the place for discussing issues linked to academic life in - French-speaking Switzerland (and wider issues about living / researching / working in the country).

French is the main language of the forum, but English is accepted everywhere.

There is a special section for foreign postgraduate students, postdocs and scholars.

The Forum is primarily intended for young academics working in French-speaking Switzerland, but its wider target audience makes it useful for :

  • Doctoral students
  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Non-permanent academic staff
  • Permanent academic staff supervising young academics
  • Those who envisage embarking on the doctoral adventure but have not yet made their decision
  • Those who envisage leaving the academic world for another profession or those who wish to return to it after an interruption
  • Researchers living abroad who envisage continuing their career in Switzerland
  • Those interested in societal issues linked with university-level education and research
  • The media interested in academic life

Don’t hesitate to register and participate.

Your questions and contributions could be of use to all the academic community!