Cultural Activities


The University of Neuchatel provides all the possibilities for students to realize their aspirations:

Ancient Theatre Group

For 20 years, the Ancient Theatre Group has been reviving antique masterpieces by creating explosive new productions - guaranteed dust-free! Led by Guy Delafontaine, a professional director, the Group gives anyone interested the chance to revive ancient texts through theatre.

Halluciné Film Club

Each semester, Halluciné proposes a series of seven films around a common theme. The showings, which are held every other Tuesday, are open to all. Various activities, a cozy bar and special evenings all play their part in creating a pleasant atmosphere. Everyone can enjoy the Film Club and discover a different kind of cinema!

Pange Lingua Ensemble

The Pange Lingua Ensemble is the University's chamber choir. It offers students a chance to practice choral arts in the spirit of research. Their repertoire, which is both original and demanding, is drawn from early, romantic and contemporary music.

University of Neuchâtel Choir

The University Choir is open to everyone, students and professors alike, whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere is enlivened by the organisation of special days where singing and good food are combined.

University of Neuchatel Theatre (THUNE)

Every year, THUNE discovers our student's hidden talents and unites them in a fresh and exciting project. Working with professional directors, THUNE offers a unique opportunity to express your talent at the heart of your University and to get to know the dramatic arts and their different branches.