The city of Neuchâtel

As a friendly and small-sized city steeped in history, Neuchâtel hosts a total student population of about 4,000. As a result, you'll find a young and cosmopolitan atmosphere, with plenty of things to see and do. Beautiful historic architecture, numerous coffee shops and restaurants, and a vibrant bar and club scene, Neuchâtel is also close to many forests, some of which offer attractive lakeside walks, as well as the Botanical Gardens. Whether you are a night-owl, a shopaholic, a sports fanatic or a culture junkie, you will find something to do in and around Neuchâtel.

The UniNE offers fast and easy access to both city and country

Most UniNE buildings and departments are situated in and around the city centre, and accommodation is usually only a short walk or cycle ride away from university buildings.


Neuchâtel is a town of slightly over 30,000 inhabitants (60,000 when the surrounding area is taken into account), and lies on the shores of the largest Swiss inland lake at an altitude of 430 metres, located between the Jura mountains and the Alps. The temperatures are mild in summer, between 25° and 30°C (77° and 86°F), and fall to between 5 and -5°C in winter (41° and 23°F). It is one of the main towns in the French speaking region of Switzerland, also called Suisse Romande. This region represents 25% of the whole population; the other national languages are German (70%), Italian and Romansh.

Ideally located half-way between Zürich and Geneva, Neuchâtel is three and half hours by train from Paris, six and half hours from Brussels and seven hours from Munich. Neuchâtel is an ideal place for full-time study or high-level research work, in an idyllic setting at the heart of Europe.

Between lake and mountains

The city faces the lake, which offers a magnificent panorama of the Alps. Even with this stunning backdrop to compete with, the architecture of Neuchâtel is ravishing; amongst its most beautiful examples are the castle and the Collegiale, dating from the twelfth century.


Although small, the region of Neuchâtel offers an astonishing variety of charming and authentic landscapes, with much of the region designated as a protected area. A few minutes from the campus, students can enjoy the attractions of the city, the lake and the mountains.


With its 32,000 inhabitants, Neuchâtel is a small city that offers an excellent quality of life. Its numerous educational facilities attract young and old from all over the world. The atmosphere is one of a small, cosy and multicultural city, well adapted to student life. Both in- and off-campus, safety is highly valued.

Outdoor activities

Neuchâtel is surrounded by forests. The local countryside and vineyards offer numerous walks. Outdoor sports can be enjoyed in summer as well as in winter.