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Poster awards

Irene Vos, Universiteit Utrecht, NL
The impact of hormonal crosstalk on resistance of plants to multispecies attack
Chantal Planchamp, University of Neuchâtel, CH
Induced systemic resistance in maize
Wen Jing Zhang, University of Copenhagen, DK
Barley targets of YxC-effectors from the powdery mildew fungus

Talk awards

Estrella Luna Diez, Rothamsted Research, UK
Next generation Systemic Acquired Resistance
Lucie Trda, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, F
Identification of grapevine pattern recognition receptors involved in PAMP-triggered immunity against P. viticola and B. cinerea
Dirk Balmer, University of Neuchâtel, CH
The hemibiotrophic fungus Colletotrichum graminicola triggers above and belowground systemic resistance in Zea mays


1. Novel players in plant defense signaling
2. Crosstalk between signaling pathways for biotic stress
3. The components of defense signaling 1
4. The components of defense signaling 2
5. Induced defense against insects
6. Induced defense against pathogens - practical aspects
7. Induced defense against pathogens
8. Molecular ecology of induced defense against insects
9. Induced defense by beneficials
10. Priming for resistance
11. The future of induced resistance