Dynamics of the Light Harvesting Complex

How to reorganize the photosynthetic apparatus upon changes in light conditions

Project leader Dr Fiamma Longoni
PhD students Hamed Sattari Vayghan
Master student Delphine Conge


The light harvesting complex is composed of trimeric and monomeric antenna proteins containing Chlorophyll a and b pigments and Carotenoids. Its role is to capture the light energy and trasfer it in the form of excitaiton to the chlorophyll of the reaction centers and to dissipate the excess of light energy when the light input overcomes the photosynthetic capacity.

The LHCII complex is associated to the Photosystem II and the Photosystem I



Changes in light condition and activation of the electron transport chain activates the kinase STN7 which by phosphorylating the LHCII triggers its reorganization favoring its functional binding to the Photosystem I

How to study photosynthesis?

From in vivo analyses...


We use methods based on chlorophyll fluorescence to analyze the photosynthetic efficiency of the plants exposed to different light conditions.

... through protein quantification...


Quantification of the fraction of phosphorylated protein present in the plan upon exposure to different light conditions.

... to supercomplex organisation