For students

Student representatives

Student representatives are available to transmit requests, information, or anything else to an institute council.

Emile Blant - BA students representative

Jämaelle Corrado - MA students representative

Julien Mommer - BA students representative

vacancy  - alternate representative of BA students



The Monitor is available to Bachelor and Master students to answer any questions regarding the study plan, the courses or to help them create their schedule.

Léna Jeandupeux  -  Philosophy Branch Monitor

How to address your teachers ?

It is sometimes difficult for students to know how to talk to teachers, and for teachers to know how to talk to students. The rules of etiquette at the Institute of Philosophy are as follows:

  • Students and teachers are mutually committed to each other until the successful defense of the master's thesis. After this, reciprocal tutoring is permitted, and even recommended.
  • The teachers call the students by their first names, the students call the teachers by their surnames (Mr. Dupont/Mrs. Dupond) or by their titles (Mr. Professor, Mrs. Professor), both being acceptable.
  • Students and teachers sign their emails by their first and last names.

By default, teachers - especially assistants and lecturers - are free to break away from these rules by letting students know which practice they prefer.