Master in philosophy

Head of the pillar at the University of Neuchâtel :
Prof. Kathrin Koslicki

For any questions concerning the study plan, mobility, examination procedures, requests relating to the various services of the University or the Institute's events, you can contact the study instructor Léna Jeandupeux

For the preparation of the Master's thesis, you will find instructions in the following document : "Master's thesis : Mémoire de Master: explication of the process".

Modification of Master study plan in philosophy for 2020

  • Each course is now worth 6 ECTS instead of 5.


  • Students remain subject to the study plan in effect at the time of their registration in the pillar in question. However, this is not a change of substance or structure, but only a change of courses that are worth one extra credit, students will be awarded 6 credits per course for all courses that will be taught from 2020 onwards. Therefore, those who began their studies before 2020 will be able to have extra credits on top of the total of 60 or 90 credits of their course of study.