The BeNeFri network, born from the collaboration between the Universities of Bern, Neuchâtel and Fribourg, allows you to follow teachings at the two other partner universities. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of teachings and to discover the student life of another university.

Legal basis

All informations are available in the BeNeFri convention.

How to do ?

  1. Identify the teaching at the host university, Bern or Fribourg, that you would like to follow ;
  2. Identify the teaching at your home university that you would like to replace;
  3. Contact the person in charge of you studying program to obtain his/her agreement;
  4. Fill in the registration form before September 25, 2020 for the fall semester 2020, and before February 25, 2021 for the spring semester 2021, have it signed by the study advisor of your home university;
  5. Follow the teaching assiduously ;
  6. Once you have passed the evaluation, request your transcript from the Host University and send it to the secretariat of your Home University in order to validate your credits.
  7. Get reimbursed for your trip by sending this form to the mobility office and have it signed by your host university professor beforehand.

BeNeFri 2020-2021