Advanced Geochemical Modelling 2022

20/09/2022: Unfortunately, this course is now cancelled.

Advanced Geochemical Modeling

26-28 September 2022

EAWAG, Dübendorf (ZH)


Geochemical modeling is a powerful tool, which has wide applications in hydrogeology, geology, environmental sciences & engineering. Recently, new databases, functions, code enhancements, and utilities associated with computer programs have expanded the applicability ranges of these modeling tools. This short course will introduce these new tools and use examples to demonstrate these expanded geochemical modeling capabilities with examples for modeling groundwater geochemistry, geothermal fluids, and geological CO2 storage. 


Students will learn chemical principles and modeling of chemical reactions in the environmental and geological systems and processes, how to calculate the mineral solubility, construct a pH-Eh diagram, and simulate a laboratory experiment with chemical modeling software. Students also acquire the necessary skills for interpretation of water quality and water chemistry data from the field and laboratory experiments in support of thesis research.

Learning objectives/Outcomes:

By the end of the short course

  • Be aware of the concepts, tools, and range of geochemical modeling applications
  • Use geochemical modeling as a tool to interpret natural and engineered systems
  • Construct solubility and pH-Eh diagrams
  • Use popular geochemical modeling software packages such as Phreeqc and Visual Minteq

Students will enhance their problem-solving skills and quantitative skills through problem sets and modeling exercises.