Monitoring the Earth from Satellites: Radar Interferometry

  • Speakers: Dr. Andrea Manconi (ETHZ/SLF)
  • Location: ETH Zurich
  • Dates: Sept 4-7, 2023
  • Cost
    • WES PhD School members: no fee.
    • Others: please contact the course coordinator/lecturer directly
  • Registration: Please email School.Earth-Water@unine.ch (ETHZ students should register internally)

A novel and unique course on space-borne SAR tailored to geosciences. Students will develop independent projects, which can be directly linked to their PhD project, by leveraging open source data and software. Students will present their mini-projects at a later date in a mini-conference with an international committee. 

The course aims at providing the tools to fully take advantage of space-borne SAR data in geoscience applications. The course will offer the chance to learn a cutting-edge remote sensing technique and to independently apply the methods to real scenarios relevant for their future activities as scientists and/or practitioners.

The activities of the course will show how to properly select and obtain SAR datasets, process them according to the state-of-art algorithms, interpret the results, evaluate pros and cons on specific geological targets, and integrate the analysis of SAR data with other survey and monitoring approaches. Moreover, practical exercises and field excursions are designed to pursue the “Learning by doing” concept.