Press releases 2006

date title
04.12.2006 Maize versus caterpillar: a stitch in time saves nine
02.11.2006 Martine Rahier awarded
02.10.2006 Invasive plants: predicting regions at risk!
11.09.2006 Using plants to remove soil pollutants and impede desertification
20.06.2006 Genetic profiles of Swiss grapevine on the internet (in French)
29.05.2006 Transgenic maize: unexpected differences
24.04.2006 A surprising analogy between plant metabolism and a fatal form of epilepsy
27.03.2006 Vitiswiss visits the NCCR Plant Survival
21.02.2006 Bt-transgenic plants: negligible effects on beneficial insects
17.01.2006 Deciphering the genetics behind maize's odorous cry for help