Equal opportunities offices

Bureau de l'égalité de chances, Université de Neuchâtel: Contains information on upcoming workshops, activities, its daycare facility, programmes and links to related offices in French speaking Switzerland.

Department of Equality of Women and Men at the University of Bern .

Femmes et Université/Frauen und Universität, Fribourg/Freiburg.

Bureau de l'équité, EPFL

Chancengleichheit von Frau und Mann, ETHZ

Federal Office for the Equality of Women and Men


femdat - Swiss Database of Women Experts

Swiss Conference of Gender Equality Delegates brings together federal, cantonal, and communal equality offices. It supports and implements activities of national cope, takes a hand in shaping public opinion and works with the federal legislation in order to incorporate women and gender equality concerns.

Gender Campus Switzerland - Quadrilingual information and communication platform concerning Gender Studies and Gender Equality at Swiss universities

Mentoring Deutschschweiz

Réseau romand de mentoring pour femmes

mentorNet - Electronic mentoring programme for women in academic careers

plusplus.ch - a Swiss network promoting equality of women and men in professional and family life (German, French and Italian)