past events


September, 4-8

PR-Proteins and Induced Resistance Against Pathogens and Insects
Molecular Biology Meets Application

Location: University of Neuchâtel.
Joint meeting of the "PR-proteins Workshop" and the "Working Group Induced Resistance in Plants Against Insects and Diseases" of the International Organisation of Biological Control (IOBC/wprs). Information and registration: www.unine.ch/pr-ir11


June 1-2, 2010

9th Review Panel Site Visit, UniMail, Neuchâtel.

May 11, 2010

NCCR Plant Survival Annual Meeting, UniMail in Neuchâtel, from 09:30 to 18:00.

All senior scientists are kindly asked to invite their research members to attend this meeting. The participants will meet our Advisory Board members and the Technology Transfer Officers. The programme is available here (pdf).


August 23-27, 2009

The 25th annual meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology (ISCE 2009) has taken place at the University of Neuchâtel. The NCCR Plant Survival was the main organizer of this event.

June 23-24, 2009

Review Panel Site Visit, UniMail in Neuchâtel. Programme available here (pdf)

17 février 2009

Rencontre des chercheurs du NCCR Survie des plantes avec les viticulteurs la région neuchâteloise, sur invitation.
Université de Neuchâtel, de 8h45 à 12h30.

Programme complet en pdf .


September 18, 2008

Bioforum, Hôtel Beau-Rivage
Topic: research in biology-biotechnology in the canton of Neuchâtel and their application.

January 30 - February 1, 2008

NCCR Plant Survival Conference 2008
Plant Species Concepts and Evolution


16-20.04.2007: Scientific week for children (8-12 years old). During the Easter holidays, this event aims to develop scientific culture, to show the importance of science, and to present science in a didactic way to potentially future university students. Jointly organised by the Equal Opportunity Office of the University of Neuchâtel, the different institutes of the University of Neuchâtel such as the Institute of Microtechnique and the Institute of Geology. Animations, experiments and exhibitions will be proposed.

09.03.2007: Annual Ph.D. students  meeting


Module 4: Statistical and Dynamical Modelling
Thursday, 2 November, 2006
University of Neuchâtel. Download the programme.

NCCR seminars

Coping with a highly heterozygous genome: the genome sequence of the grapevine cultivar Pinot noir (Vitis vinifera L.)
Dr. Riccardo Velasco, IASMA, Italy
Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 14h15

Inheritance of mating type and fungicide resistance in Plasmopara viticola
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gisi, SYNGENTA
Tuesday, 10 October 2006, 13h15

Nuit de la Science 2006, Geneva

July 8 and 9, 2006. The NCCR Plant Survival manned a booth at this event that attracted 30'000 visitors .

module workshops

For NCCR Plant Survival researchers,  three module workshops have been organised in Neuchâtel:

May 9, 2006 (9h-17h): module 1 workshop (tg 1, 2, 3, part of 9).
Preliminary programme (pdf, 16 kB)

May 10, 2006 (9h-17h): module 3 workshop (tg 6, 7, 8, part of 9).
Preliminary programme (pdf, 16 kB)

May 15, 2006 (9h-17h): module 2 workshop (tg 4, 5, part of 9).
Preliminary programme (pdf, 16 kB)

Technology Transfer Day
September 30, 2005. University of Neuchâtel, Uni Mail, Chemistry Building, Grand auditoire de Chimie. 
Detailed programme (.pdf). More information : Soraya El Kadiri-Jan


NCCR Plant Survival International Conference 2005, Leysin, Switzerland March 31 - April 3, 2005

Open days at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Neuchâtel, March 11-12, 2005

past meetings and seminars (before August 2005)