Syllabus (subject to modifications)

1st - 3rd semester

Compulsory courses 45 ECTS credits 

Module 1

  • The field of survey research methodology  (SRM) (Introduction into the MA  programme
  • The social foundations of social behaviour  and opinion formation (SRM  and sociology)
  • The social psychology of attitude formation  (SRM and social psychology)
  • Theories of consumer behaviour  (SMR and market research)

Module 2

  • Survey research method and survey management
  • Introduction to survey statistics
  • Questionnaire development and  questionnaire design

Module 3

  • Statistical analysis for survey research
  • Introduction to data management and statistical software
  • Factorial methods and cluster analysis
  • Techniques exploratoires, visualisation et présentation des données/Exploratory techniques, data visualization and data presentation 

Optional courses 15 ECTS credits

To be chosen from a list of courses offered by partner Faculties.

Dissertation 30 ECTS credits