Thesis and internship


The faculty of immatriculation determines all administrative procedures regarding inscription, submission and defence.
The geographical location of the defence will still happen at the faculty of the main supervisor though 

To have more information about thesis :

fill and forward the Internship Agreement to the master coordinator to get the signature of the President of the Scientific Council, before the beginning of the internship

Forms to load
Fill and forward to the secretary of Institute of statistics in that order, as you go along in your internship or research thesis. If you have any questions please contact 

To be ratified, the thesis must be registered in Academia, at the examination session where the student decides to finish his curriculum (respect the registration deadline).


The date of the defence must be organized with the prof. supervisor before the end of examination session.


Before the end of the examination session, please forward :

- to the secretary of the institute of statistics: two copies of the thesis (one bound) + pledge of honor signed

​- to the secretary of the Faculty of sciences: the "formulaire de demande de titre"