Mobility and exchange programs

To enhance their intercultural knowledge and skills, our students have several opportunities of exchange abroad or in Switzerland.

National mobility

In Switzerland the mobility possibilities are as follows:

  • Stay for one or two semesters at another Swiss university (Swiss mobility)
  • Choice of one or more courses within the framework of the BeNeFri or AZUR networks

International mobility

For stays abroad students can choose from various alternatives in the following settings:

  • The Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP) for a stay in Europe
  • The Student Exchange Program (PEE) Québec for a stay in a Quebec university
  • Conventions for a stay in Australia, the United States, South America, or Taiwan
  • Scholarships offered by different countries or institutions for advanced students

Internship placements in the following frameworks:

  • The Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP) for an internship in a company, administration, public institution, museum, etc. European Students may also freely choose (a) a university establishment with which UniNE has no cooperation agreement or (b) a company in the case of an internship. For more information contact the university's mobility service.

When to go?

Students may leave for mobility after successfully completing at least one semester of study. For more information please ask the program director or student advisement.

Titles and diploma Ceremony

15th November 2019

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