Programme benefits

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  • International program both in terms of content and cultural diversity of the class
  • French-English bilingual program.
  • Rigorous training focused on putting knowledge into practice, in line with the needs of the economy
  • Interactive and innovative pedagogy based on group work, case studies, simulations and projects in companies
  • Learning experiences designed to include individual reflection and personal commitment
  • High level of student supervision with personalized mentoring program
  • Flexibility in the duration of studies, from 1 year intensive to 3 years for people in employment
  • Access to a vast network of companies thanks to the regular interventions in class of professional experts and dedicated events
  • Recognized skills of teachers

Through these benefits, this programme prepares you for an ambitious career with excellent professional prespectives.

Titles and diploma Ceremony

15th November 2019

Aula des Jeunes-Rives

Espace Tilo Frey, 5pm


Collaboration with companies

Partenership with Inox Communications within the frame the course "International Advertising"


Networking event with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry