Research thesis


Step by step

1. Select a supervisor

Until 11 December 2020, select one supervisor and give to Kira Facchinetti the Master thesis application form

  • Note that the signature of the supervisor is not required at this stage.
  • The application is binding and you may apply only to one supervisor.
  • After review of the applications, you will receive an email confirming the topic and a copy of the application form signed by your supervisor.

2. Write your thesis

Write your thesis according to the Master thesis guidelines and using the Cover page template

3. Register in IS-Academia

Until 19 March 2021, register in IS-Academia for the course "Research thesis (5AF2037)".

4. Send the first draft

Until 19 April 2021, send the first draft of your thesis, by email and in pdf format, to your supervisor. 

5. Send the final version

Until 7 June 2021, send the final version of your thesis, by email and in pdf format, to your supervisor and give to Kira Facchinetti the following documents, completed and signed: ​

Until 22 June 2021, the supervisor evaluates the thesis.

If the grade is under 4, from July 3 to 11, 2021, register in IS-Academia for the August/September retake session.

Until 25 August 2021, revise your thesis and return it, by email and in pdf format, to your supervisor. At the same time, give to Kira Facchinetti:

  • Two colour-printed, bound copies of the thesis.
  • The Pledge of honour.
  • A USB stick including the thesis in pdf format, data and programmes. 

Preventing plagiarism