Sarah Semeraro

PhD student

Research interest

My research will focus mainly on soil-vegetation interactions in alpine environments and the evolution/state of soils in these same environments using a pre-existing database of Swiss Soils that I will implement to map soil-vegetation-humus forms relationships by going to the field and doing soil physicochemical analysis.

I am interested in the ecological relations occurring within the alpine ecosystem and the risks to which it is exposed (e.g. erosion, accumulation of eolian deposits, destructuration) and how we can take action to limit as much as possible the effects of time and man in these environments.

Main topics

  • Soil science
  • Plant - Soil interactions
  • Ecosystem functioning

Thesis project

The research project will focus on soil sciences, using a diachronic approach, highlighting an existing database on Swiss soils from different ecosystems.

The objective will be to supplement the information in order to model the existing data and to establish a cartography centered on the soil-vegetation-humus forms relationships.

Teaching activities

  • Practical work:
    • Soil description : field & laboratory (Master Biogeosciences)
    • Humus forms : field & laboratory (Master Biogeosciences)
  • Master projects supervision


Sarah Semeraro



+41 32 718 22 28