Pilar Fernandez-Conradi


Research interests

  • Plant-herbivore interactions
  • Plant diversity
  • Chemical ecology
  • Soil microorganisms
  • Altitudinal gradients

Teaching activities

  • Fundamentals of ecology
  • Methodology
  • Coaching of Master students


Fernandez-conradi P., Fort T., Castagneyrol B., Jactel H., Robin C. (2019). Fungal endophyte communities differ between chestnut galls and surrounding foliar tissues. Fungal Ecology 42, 100876

Fernandez‐Conradi P., Jactel H., Robin C., Tack A.J., Castagneyrol B. (2018). Fungi reduce preference and performance of insect herbivores on challenged plants. Ecology, 99(2), 300-311.

Lione G., Danti R., Fernandez-Conradi P., Ferreira-Cardoso J. V., Lefort F., Marques G., Meyer J.B., Prospero S., Radócz L., Robin C., Turchetti T., Vettraino A.M., Gonthier P. (2018). The emerging pathogen of chestnut Gnomoniopsis castaneae: the challenge posed by a versatile fungus. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 1-15.

Castagneyrol, B., Fernandez-Conradi P., Rasmussen P. U., Robin C., Tack A. J. M. (2018). Belowground- aboveground interactions between pathogens and herbivores. Invited book chapter for the book Aboveground- Belowground Community Ecology. Eds. Ohgushi, T., S. Wurst and S. N. Johnson.

Fernandez‐Conradi P., Jactel H., Hampe A., Leiva M. J., Castagneyrol B. (2017). The effect of tree genetic diversity on insect herbivory varies with insect abundance. Ecosphere, 8(1).

Fernandez-Conradi P., Borowiec N., Capdevielle X., Castagneyrol B., Maltoni A., Robin C., Selvi F., Van Halder I.,  Vétillard F., Jactel, H. (2017). Plant neighbour identity and invasive pathogen infection affect associational resistance to an invasive gall wasp. Biological Invasions, 1-15.

Pilar Fernandez-Conradi



+41 32 718 23 87


Post-doc in Functional Ecology, University of Neuchâtel
Doctorat in Functional Ecology, Evolution and Communities, University of Bordeaux  
Master 2 in Ecology, Université of Bordeaux
Master 1 in Plant Biotechnology
Licence in Biology, Université of Sevilla