PhD Student

Research Interests

I am interested in ecological and evolutionary consequences of aboveground-belowground plant-animal interactions, more specifically interactions between plants, pollinators, and herbivorous insects. I aim to understand how these interactions drive the adaptive evolution as well as the evolution of plants chemical profile. I am also interested in how plants use chemical communication through olfactory and gustatory signals to mediate their interaction with different members of the community above and belowground, including pollinators, herbivores, parasitoids, and predators and how these interactions shape the composition of insect communities. During my PhD studies I will investigate the effects of radiation and adaptation along elevation gradients on plant herbivore interactions and plant defenses.

Main Topics

  • Ecology & evolution of plant-insect interactions
  • Evolutionary ecology of plant defense
  • Chemical ecology
  • Above-below ground interactions
  • Herbivory
  • Tritrophic interactions
  • Biological control/crop protection

Teaching Activities

  • From genes to Ecosystems
  • Seminars in Biodiversity
  • Methods in vegetation studies





+41 32 718 23 17


PhD. Organismal Biology/Ecology & Evolution (2015-Peresent), University of Neuchatel, Switzerland
MSc. Systematics & Evolution (2015), University of Zurich, Switzerland
BSc. Biology (2012) Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
BSc. Cell & Molecular Biology (2005), Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada .