Claire Periat


Master student

Office A216

Tel: +41 32 718 22 10

Research interests
Antibiotics have been a threat in the biomedical field for several decades, as they promote the emergence of multi-resistant bacteria by increasing their selection pressure. This is why it is necessary to investigate alternatives to overcome this progressive antibiotic resistance. One therapeutic technique that has recently emerged from the shadows is phagotherapy. Although it was discovered and used in the West in the past, it was abandoned following the discovery of penicillin. Recently, there has been renewed interest in the therapeutic use of bacteriophages (phagotherapy), a virus that attacks phages naturally, as it offers a range of benefits and remains a potential ally to antibiotics. The study of these phages has become my subject of interest in my university biology studies for several years now. This is why my master's thesis will therefore take a closer look at the sub-soil interactions of phages with the mycelial network created by fungi. Indeed, phages are abundant in soils, but knowledge about their ecology remains very limited. Deepening this aspect, as well as the possibility of phage-mycelium interactions, would allow a better understanding of how phages move through the soil to infect their host bacteria. This pilot study could enable better control of the population of certain pathogenic and problematic soil bacteria.