Vladimir Macko



  • Data visualisation


  • Data science
  • Digital Education
  • Transversal computational thinking


  • "Using Educational Robotics to Support Active Learning Experiences and Foster Computational Thinking Skills in Non-STEM College Students (Macko et al.)" IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering 2023 [accepted publication] (2023)
  • "On the Impact of Digital Pulses on Perceived Stress in a Self-Regulated Learning Experience (Ouaazki et al.)" Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2023 [accepted publication] (2023)
  • "Digital Ethics Framework: A Guide for Assessing and Reducing Ethical Risks in the Digital Domain (Hardebolle et al.)" European Society for Engineering Education 2023, Dublin, Ireland (2023)
  • "Ethics of Using Generative AI for Education"  Examining Dynamic Cultures of Ethics in Higher Education, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia (2023)
  • "Author of 200 LHCb scientific publications as a collaboration member of LHCb at CERN"  (2017-2021)
  • "First search for purely baryonic decay processes with LHCb detector" Monographic dissertation (2022)
  • "LHCb results from Heavy quark spectroscopy, exotic states and QCD" Lake Louise Winter Institute, Lake Louise, Canada  (2019)
  • "Author of winning solution of Programming challenge on fast vertexing" RAPID2018 Workshop, Dortmund, Germany (2018)
  • "First steps towards the experimental observation of purely baryonic decay processes" Swiss physics society Annual meeting Lausanne 2018, Lausanne, Switzerland (2018)
  • "Production and Quality Assurance of Scintillating Fibre Detectors for the LHCb Upgrade" Joint Annual Meeting of Swiss physics society and Austrian physics society, Genève, Switzerland (2017)
  • "The JetFitter algorithm: Performance and Improvements" ATLAS Flavour Tagging Workshop, Bonn, Germany (2016)
  • "Performance of the JetFitter b-tagging algorithm in ATLAS in high pileup conditions" Partikeldagarna 2015, Uppsala, Sweden (2015)