Philipp Krüger, University of Geneva
"The Sustainability Footprint of Institutional Investors"
25 May 2018

Lukas Roth, University of Alberta
"Entrenched Insiders and Corporate Sustainability (ESG): How Much Does the “G” Matter for “E” and “S” Performance Around the World?"
2 May 2018

Zoltan Novotny-Farkas, Lancaster University
"Disclosure Choice when Market-Wide Externalities Matter: Evidence from IFRS Adoptions by Central Banks"
16 March 2018

Antoine Bommier, ETH Zürich
"Household Finance and the Value of Life"
24 November 2017

Emilia Garcia, University of Zurich
"Cultural preferences and firm financing choices"
10 November 2017

James Thewissen, University of Leuven
"Jockeying for position in CEO letters: Impression management and sentiment analytics"
13 October 2017

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